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Bio Sculpture Gel

Our product of choice since 2002.


Bio Sculpture Gel, medical grade, is a fortifying gel that hydrates and nourishes the natural nail, giving it a well-groomed appearance for over 4 weeks.

Its anti-chipping finish protects and strengthens your nails.


Bio Sculpture Gel is tough enough to prevent breakage, yet still flexible enough to absorb the impact of your active lifestyle.

It allows natural and easy movements, while protecting your nails for more than four weeks. The gel can even be used to lengthen nails without using false nails or glue.


Bio Sculpture is passionate about the care of healthy nails, which is why it is free from the 10 main toxic ingredients found in many other cosmetic nail products.

It is the only nail care system to have received five stars of safety by the firm Paraxel International.


It is certified vegan and not tested on animals.

Bio Sculpture Gel was developed in South Africa where it has been produced for over 30 years and arrived in Canada in 1997.


The Evo line, developed by Bio Sculpture, is the new generation of care for healthy nails.


The thin formula is easy to apply and remove.

Evo resists up to three weeks without flaking.

Strengthens the nail while preserving its permeability, which promotes a healthy and natural exchange of oxygen and water vapor between the nail and its environment.


Bio Sculpture aims to preserve the health of the nails and has developed the Evo formula to prevent dehydration and damage to the nails. Evo Oxygenating Base is made from medical grade ingredients and contains Vitamin A and E.


Like Bio Sculpture products, Evo does not contain toxic substances, is certified vegan and is not tested on animals.


The Evo line is revolutionizing the nail care industry and was recently featured as an eco-friendly choice by the editor of Elevate magazine.

EVO Spectrum with bottles.png


No time to come visit us in the salon?

Ethos is your natural care solution for strong and shiny nails at home!

This natural nail care range is perfect for all types of nails with its nutritious bases and moisturizing properties to keep your nails healthy!

All Bio Sculpture Ethos products are available on our online store.


Our signature treatment made here in Quebec!


Davincia has been specializing in biocompatible skincare for several years now.

The founder and naturopath Nathalie Forget has developed a range for the care of hands and feet ultra effective and completely natural!

We are proud to have participated in the creation of the Dolce range thanks to our expertise in hand care.

The dual-action exfoliant removes all dead keratin from the surface of the skin for optimal absorption of the hand cream. The hydrating and restorative active ingredients can then do their job more effectively.

Davincia Produits de beauté à Montréal

Our Commitment to Quality and Safety

At our mission is anchored in an unwavering commitment to our customers.

We strive to provide exceptional services and products that embody the highest quality and unparalleled safety.

Rigorous Selection of the Best Products

We meticulously choose from industry leaders, selecting products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Every item we offer undergoes a thorough evaluation to ensure its reliability and compliance with the highest standards.

Quality Control and Constant Commitment

Quality and safety are at the heart of our process.

We are committed to maintaining rigorous standards through close quality controls, extensive testing and constant vigilance every step of the way.

Listening and Responsiveness to our Customers

Your trust is our top priority.

We listen carefully to your feedback to continually improve our products and services, ensuring we meet your needs precisely.

Transparency and Communication

We believe in transparent communication. We offer you full visibility into the safety standards applied and the efforts we make to guarantee the quality of each product we offer.

At, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence. We thank you for your trust and we are committed to continuing to exceed your expectations in terms of quality and safety.

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