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Do not hesitate to ask us your questions bye-mail. We love hearing from you so much!

  • What is the difference between Evogel and Bio Sculpture gel?
    Bio Sculpture gel is a semi-rigid gel that comes from South Africa. It is ideal for those who want hard and healthy nails. It is the preferred alternative for those who like the durability of acrylic or resin powder without the toxic drawbacks. Evogel is the second generation of gel by Bio Sculpture. It has been specially formulated to give you a thin and flexible manicure, which dries immediately and lasts 2-3 weeks depending on your lifestyle. The perfect alternative to traditional manicure with varnish. Please note that Evogel is not a Shellac type gel polish. It is 100% gel. So it has superior durability.
  • How often should I refill?
    Bio Sculpture gel offers very long-term durability. As the growth of your nails reflects the speed of your metabolism, our clients prefer to have their nails filled every 4 weeks. It is possible to keep it for 6 to 8 weeks with maintenance at home. Evogel is a temporary application that can last 2-3 weeks. It can be removed at home using a soak solution or in the salon followed by reapplication without any damage to your natural nail.
  • Should I let my nails breathe?
    Your skin is made of living keratin. It must have an exchange with the open air to repair itself. Your nails are made of dead keratin, therefore non-living, and do not need direct exchange in the open air. Think about it carefully! If you have a cut on your skin, your skin repairs itself naturally. If you break a nail, the cut will never repair itself. Just let it grow to get a new nail.
  • Are you going to file my nails?
    To ensure impeccable adhesion of the Bio Sculpture gel, we lightly polish the surface of the nail with a soft file. Everything is done by hand, without the use of a dremel or “drill”. No permanent damage is caused to the nail. For Evogel, a light polishing of the nail is carried out using a soft block to ensure rapid and damage-free removal.
  • I am allergic to acrylic and resin/glue. Can I do my Bio Sculpture gel nails?
    You are not alone! We receive a huge number of calls from many people experiencing allergies or breathing difficulties following the application of acrylic or resin and powder. Bio Sculpture gel, like Evogel, does not contain any solvents that can be inhaled through the respiratory tract or absorbed through the skin. Bio Sculpture also received a 5-star safety rating from an independent firm for its safety and method of application. Our nail extensions are built using stencil directly onto your natural nails with 100% gel. No glue. No prosthesis. For a light feeling and a natural look.


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